Race around the Region Rally Location announced!

United Way Waterloo Region Communities is pleased to announce its rally location as we prepare for our kickoff Race around the Region.

The Race is set for September 22nd.    Teams of up to five people will visit several locations in the region, and attempting some fun challenges.

Once those teams have completed their tasks they will join together with other participants as well as United Way staff and supporters for a celebration rally  and barbecue at:

Waterloo Region Police Service Headquarters

200 Maple Grove Road

Cambridge ON

We still have a few openings left for teams.   Register your group of up to five at this link

New Organization. New Website.

Since United Way Waterloo Region Communities was created in April, we have been working towards bringing forward a new face.

Our new website is one of those first steps. We’ve worked tirelessly to transform older pages, and create new ones to give you the information you need. Like everyone else you are looking for value for your money.  You want to know your donation is having a real impact. On this site you will be able to explore exactly how United Way fits that desire.

If you’re not already a supporter, you’ll discover a number of ways you can get involved, and learn more about the work of this organization.  While we focus on three areas: link to three areas of impact, that effort put in has been personified in hundreds of different ways— through a variety of programs, and most importantly through the life experiences of thousands of our friends, neighbours and work colleagues.    

As we move ahead, we will use this space, and others, to tell you the stories of people who have been directly impacted by the generosity of their neighbours through the collaborative work of United Way, and the dozens of agencies supporting social issues here at home.

If there’s anything you would like to see on our website, please contact our team today! 

Together, We are Possibility: Build your Team and our Community.

Today’s workplace is an ever-changing item. Employees can work in one community, live in another, all the while taking part in activities in even more places.

But we all know building a cohesive team around a singular cause is important for any organization, and especially a business that draws support from every part of Waterloo region.

Its every bit as vital for that business to also show its region wide support.

That is one of the great strengths of United Way. We work in every part of the region to help people find opportunities to reach their potential. Sometimes it involves helping people gain access to food and shelter, often the first point of contact for someone needing the network of support provided by United Way.  But this support can also look like counseling for couples struggling with financial or relationship problems, or children needing an after school program to help them overcome the effects of bullying, and build their self-esteem.

Those issues know no borders, and that’s why United Way exists to ensure those services are available to all, no matter where they work, live, or play.

More than 250 businesses run United Way workplace campaigns in our region. Many have been with us for decades. They understand the value a United Way campaign has, not only in helping people, but also in providing a common cause for employees.

A United Way campaign is also about more than just donations. We offer a variety of hands on, interactive activities, which really bring the impact of your generosity home. 

And running a workplace campaign is trouble free, and efficient for any business.  One of our staff will be happy to walk you through the process, and will be there to support you at every step. “More hands make for lighter work” or so the saying goes. For all of us, working together has real impact on people who need just a little help to find firmer ground, and build a stronger life.

Your support can make that a possibility, and give your workplace team a real sense of helping in our community.  We would love to have you as part of our team. For more information visit  (link to workplace giving)  or contact  our team today!

Campaign Kick-Off 2017: Race Around the Region

United Way Waterloo Region Communities is committed to serving the towns, cities and villages across Waterloo Region. As we launch our first campaign under our new banner, we looked for a Kick-Off Event that would cover the entire area.

And that’s how Race Around the Region was created.

On September 22nd, teams from our supporting workplaces will start their day with a challenge to discover some of our best-known landmarks, and learn some important lessons surrounding the work United Way does in every community.

As teams visit each of the seven communities, they’ll face fun challenges before gathering in our final location for a celebration, and one final puzzle!

If you’re interested in being part of this exciting day, the first Campaign Kick- Off for United Way Waterloo Region Communities, contact our Event Team today!