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United Voices

Conversations for local change

United Voices is our way of bringing together local experts to have meaningful conversations about tough issues Waterloo Region is facing. This series aims to both address the issues and give us a collective space to reimagine a resilient and united community.

United Way in Conversation

how to build social impact into your career

How To Build Social Impact Into Your Career

Whether it’s giving time or money, philanthropy brings people together to support a cause that’s bigger than themselves. The challenge most professionals face is how to translate the impact of philanthropy or volunteering into personal and professional growth. In this panel, we discuss building your career through volunteering and how you can build a commitment to social good into your career.

This event will featured some amazing local speakers including our host Rebecca Tascona (Head, Platform Strategy and Operations - BMO), and panelists Laura Galbraith (Director of Community Impact - Vidyard), Robert Connell (Tax Incentives Practice Lead, KPMG) & Jessica Manarang (Arts & Business Student, UW).

We explore how dedicating a small portion of your time can give you an advantage in your career, as we hear from professionals and volunteers who understand the power of giving back.

united way charity giving non-profit unstuck

Unstuck: Moving forward in Stressful Times

STUCK is a word that many of us can relate to this year: Stuck in the house, stuck in fear/boredom/exhaustion or all three, stuck with our immediate families being our only in-person companions, stuck in a constant news-cycle of catastrophe, stuck in constant fight-flight-or-freeze responses. In this workshop, Carizon ambassadors Kate McAllister and Megan Svarich-Knights will discuss the individual and collective pain of being stuck and introduce strategies for moving forward. Take charge of your stuckness, and let it go.

united way charity giving non-profit finding joy

Finding Joy

So we’ve survived the pandemic so far. But what about getting back to thriving? In this United Voices webinar: Finding Joy, Litethriive™ Founder Erin Moraghan shares a simple formula for creating your own happiness roadmap that you can put into action instantly, even during times of extreme uncertainty.

United Way’s mission to build more empowered communities begins right here with you and your wellbeing. Let’s build stronger mindsets, together!

united way charity giving non-profit social isolation

Social Isolation in Waterloo Region

On December 10, 2020, we talked with Peter Sweeney (CEO, YMCA of Three Rivers), Donna Dubie (Executive Director, Healing of the Seven Generations) and Jim Parrott (Executive Director, SPECTRUM Waterloo Region) about the effects of social isolation on individuals and families in the region.

Hand holding a heart

Funded Partners

At United Way we fund a network of community partners helping people meet their basic needs, access mental health supports, and reduce social isolation.


Stay up to date on United Way WRC news, read local stories, and learn how your dollars are making a difference right here in our community.