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Why I volunteer with United Way, by Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings, Senior Compliance Consultant – Audit and Ombudsman, has been with Equitable Life for 24 years, but his passion for United Way started even before joining Equitable. Learn more about his story and why he believes in the UW mission. 

1. How long have you been involved with United Way? 

About 36 years. 

2. Why is United Way important to you? 

United Way is a very efficient way to help people in our community. It has a ton of volunteers including the Board of Directors and they are very motivated to do the best job that they can.  United Way is important because there are a lot of people in need. We normally don’t see them. They don’t live in our neighbourhood so they go unnoticed, but they are there. 

3. Has UW every impacted you or someone you know personally? 

Not directly, but United Way does help a lot of people in Waterloo region and that is good for all of us. 

4. Why don’t more people give to UW? 

Great question! I have had several tours of United Way agencies over the past 36 years and I have always been so impressed at how well they are run, how efficient they are and how truly dedicated they are to making a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve. If everyone could take a tour of a United Way agency, donations would go way up. 

5. What do you wish more people understood about UW and the work it does in our community? 

It’s about the people, about humanity. If we help people, they can become the best that they can be. They can become the new leaders, the new volunteers of the future. Its such a great investment – its like making a contribution to your RRSP. Just sit back and watch it grow. You and our community will be rewarded. 

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Steve Jennings (Long time United Way WRC volunteer)