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211: Vital National Helpline to Access Resources and Support

On February 11, the United Way Centraide network celebrates 211 Day to raise awareness so more people can access support through the 211 hotline and online services in our communities. In 2024, as our community continues to face economic challenges and increasing needs, the importance of United Way Centraide Canada’s 211 helpline has become more crucial than ever in connecting people with the essential services they require.

The 211 database has the largest inventory of Canada’s community and government services and benefits. Anyone is able to access this information and talk directly to a trained professional, but yet many of the people who most need the support are not aware of it. As we shine a light on 211, and raise awareness, our hope is that we can get this information to the people who need it most.

As founding partners, and funding contributors of 211, United Way Centraide Canada is committed to increasing awareness of this vital service and making it accessible to all communities and individuals across Canada.

Landmarks and monuments across the country will illuminate in a “United Glow” to show their support for 211 Day. We symbolically shine a light for all those individuals in need. Help is available and their journey towards support can start with a simple call to 211. Here in Waterloo Region we hope to add a “United Glow” of our city landmarks for 2025.