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Community Impact Fund

Community Impact Fund

Q1 Funding (Starting April 1st, 2024)
Applications open: January 15th – February 2nd, 2024
Decisions Communicated: March 4th – 8th, 2024

Q2 Funding (Starting July 1st, 2024)
Applications open: April 15th – May 3rd, 2024
Decisions Communicated: June 3rd – 7th, 2024

Q3 Funding (Starting October 1st, 2024)
Applications open: July 15th – August 2nd, 2024
Decisions Communicated: Sept 2nd  – 6th, 2024

Q4 Funding (Starting Jan 1st, 2025)
Applications open: October 14th  – November 1st, 2024
Decisions Communicated: Dec 2nd – 6th, 2024

Reporting Due Annually (for funding during April 1st 2023 – March 31st 2024)
Reporting open: April 1st – 19th 2024

General Operating Support (GOS)

These grants are intended to support an organization’s ability to achieve its mission overall. This type of grant is flexible and allows grantees to allocate funds towards self-identified organizational priorities in order to develop and strengthen their internal systems.

Program/Project Grants

These grants support specific programs or projects of an organization. This type of grant allows grantees to focus on specific aspects of their work. Programs/projects can be new or existing.

For more information or questions, please reach out to us!

Brian Kamm

Manager, Community Investment

519-888-6100 EXT. 209 |

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Funded Partners

At United Way we fund a network of community partners helping people meet their basic needs, access mental health supports, and reduce social isolation.


Stay up to date on United Way WRC news, read local stories, and learn how your dollars are making a difference right here in our community.