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Legacy Gifts

Leave a legacy in our community

You care about your community. In times of uncertainty and joblessness, as workplaces close and the cost of living increases, you rise to support those around you. Homelessness, food insecurity, individuals facing mental health challenges, family violence, employment loss and more all have a place to turn, thanks to you.

Since 1941, United Way Waterloo Region Communities has identified community need, and working with the support of countless individuals who believe, like you do, that we can all create lasting change in our region. Today, 80 years later, your support continues to improve the lives of our neighbours, our coworkers, our friends, and our families.

As the needs continue to grow our most loyal supporters have come forward, creating Legacy Gifts, to ensure the impact they have already created, will continue for generations to come.

By supporting United Way through your estate planning, you build a future for those who will inherit our community.

Types of Planned Gifts
Gifts Made by Will (Bequests & Estate Residuals)

A bequest is a gift from your estate.  A bequest is a legacy that you will leave for those that will follow you.  This type of gift can be a specific amount of money, a portion, or the entire residue from your estate, securities, or a piece of property.  A bequest can also be an item such as a coin collection, vehicle or painting.

Sample Wording
To include a bequest to the United Way in your will, have your gift designated with wording like

  • “to United Way Waterloo Region Communities for highest priority community needs.”

Alternately, you may designate your gift to a specific area, such as one of our three impact areas.  In this case, we can work with your lawyer to create the correct wording. Sharing your intentions to leave a bequest to the United Way will allow us to thank and recognize you now, while also allowing us to plan for the future.

Planned Giving and Endowment

Bequests can be endowed to United Way’s Forever Fund or the Tomorrow Fund. Endowed funds, over time, provide a consistent revenue source because the original gift is never spent – it remains intact as a legacy forever, a reminder of your gift to the community.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can benefit both yourself and United Way Waterloo Region Communities when the charity is the beneficiary. At time of your passing, proceeds from the Policy pass outside your estate, giving protection from estate administration taxes. The charitable tax receipt will alleviate the taxes to your estate. Life insurance donated irrevocably during your lifetime will allow for an immediate charitable tax receipt from United Way Waterloo Region Communities for any cash surrender value on the policy, and for any future premiums, you pay.

Donations of RRSPs and RRIFs

Unused RRSPs and RRIFs are an excellent way to maximize your giving potential while avoiding estate taxes. When United Way Waterloo Region Communities is designated as a beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, the proceeds are paid directly at the time of death and bypass estate taxation. The charitable tax receipt issued can eliminate a large portion of the tax generated by the plan at time of death.

For more information or questions, please reach out to us!

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Funded Partners

At United Way we fund a network of community partners helping people meet their basic needs, access mental health supports, and reduce social isolation.