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October 29 - November 26

Giving back, together.

United Way’s Day of Caring is a unique event where volunteers from across Waterloo Region work on meaningful projects to help local charities thrive. This year’s Day of Caring will be ‘virtual’ with volunteers working on small projects that can be completed at home or in their own office.

Activities will be focused on supporting people in our community who need it most. Volunteers will build health and wellness kits, or write notes to people experiencing isolation, or even provide a virtual skill share!

Hands on work to support local charities

Note Writing

Note writing is a simple act with a big impact. Volunteers will write personal letters to remind people who may feel isolated that they are not alone.

Kit building

Whether it's health and wellness kits, creativity kits, or COVID-19 kits, volunteers will put together packages that will directly support those in our community who need it most.

Skill Sharing

Have a skill that could support the work of a local non-profit or charity? Volunteers will be matched with organizations to lend their time and knowledge to helping people in community.

The impact of a day

"I feel like this was such a great moment to just step back from the negativity surrounding the pandemic and feel like we had some control over something! We had the ability to, as a family do some shopping and build the packs together and know that we were able to spread some joy."
united way charity giving non-profit our people cabinet
Kaitlin Kemal
RBC employee & volunteer
"Donations of this type [health and wellness kits] reinforces for our staff and residents that the community cares about them and listens to their needs."
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Anne Tinker
Cambridge Shelter Corporation

Want to learn more?

Let's connect!

For more information about how you or a group can get involved with Day of Caring, or to learn more about the volunteer opportunities available, simply email us at