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Waterloo Region

Relief Fund

$1 = $2 until April 18. Give today and your gift will be matched!

How can I help?

By helping others, we help everyone.

With unprecedented real estate prices, surging fuel costs, and inflation taking a bigger bite out of our bank accounts it is becoming extremely difficult to keep up. A pandemic, coupled with global unrest and war has created more anxiety and made us nervous about our futures. Local charities continue to do the hard work on the ground to ensure people in need have somewhere to turn for support. These people are not strangers. They are our neighbours, friends and colleagues.

United Way embodies the idea that instead of waiting for worldwide resolutions we need to implement local solutions into everyday decisions and actions.

Along with helping those who already live in our communities, United Way has a long history of helping refugees and newcomers in Canada, through settlement activities, to ensure that once people arrive, they have access to the services and supports they need to thrive. 

Right now, a group of generous donors has ensured your gift will go even further by pledging to match all gifts to United Way – up to $10,000!  

From April 4th to the 18th, United Way WRC’s Waterloo Region Relief Fund will be accepting donations to provide local charities the funds they need to help everyone have a brighter future.  

Your gift will be matched to help support programs like...

Pre-employment and employment services

Culturally appropriate trauma support and referrals

Education supports to children and families

Translation services

Short term housing & assistance securing permanent housing

Culturally sensitive family and child counselling

Why we need your help.

UWWRC is a local organization that only funds local agencies. Over the last year, we have provided quarterly funding to over 84 agencies and programs. The demand for funding far outweighs what is presently available and the situation is becoming more critical as prices rise for food, housing, and other basic needs. This demand will continue to increase. Every dollar you can give makes an impact by helping people when and where they need it most

You are not alone.

Global conflict, and its ripple effects on our local economy are having an impact today and will continue to have an impact on our local communities. We feel deeply for the Ukrainian community, and for others who may be reliving trauma by witnessing the impact of this conflict.

Anyone who has been impacted by what we are witnessing in Ukraine can access mental health supports by calling 2-1-1.