Giving Tuesday

December 1, 2020

On this day of Global Giving please be the one to consider helping Waterloo Region Recover, Renew and Rebuild.

COVID-19 has caused more than one problem. With your help, United Way provides more than one solution.

Social isolation is just one of the major issues affecting so many community members in Waterloo Region. The Canadian Index of Wellbeing identifies having strong, active, inclusive relationships as a factor in individual and collective wellbeing, which has not been possible for everyone over the last 9 months.

There is a direct link between social isolation and adverse health consequences such as depression and anxiety, poor sleep, impaired immunity, and mortality from coronary heart disease/stroke, especially with our senior population. Youth are also experiencing increased social isolation related issues due to closures of schools, sports and cultural events as well as restricted play opportunities.

When you donate to United Way you are supporting a network of agencies that provide resources and programs to those who need it most. From the front lines to behind the scenes, every dollar makes a difference to the people who may have nowhere else to turn. Those people may be your friends, colleagues, family members or neighbours.

Right now every dollar counts and on December 1 every dollar you donate will be matched by a group of generous donors * (up to $25,000) who truly understand we are stronger together.

Our community can’t recover without you.

Every dollar raised stays local. Please be the one to Give on Giving Tuesday.

Please note: all donations received on December 1, 2020 as part of Giving Tuesday will go directly to the Social Isolation Fund and not be considered part of a workplace campaign.