Social Isolation impacts .

The Issue: Social Isolation

Since COVID-19, people have been becoming more isolated and reliant on technology to maintain connections at work, with family and friends, and to access necessary services. 

The pandemic has thrown up additional barriers to supports, and deepened the impact of social isolation. Together, we can help break down these barriers and show people they don’t have to face these challenges alone.

Social Isolation

Funded Agencies

Below are the Agencies we fund Across Waterloo Region (in the last 12 months) who are working every day to help reduce social isolation across Waterloo Region.


How you can help

Poverty is often at the core of chronic loneliness, isolation, and feelings of disconnect. Your gift will be directed to programs and services that improve access to supports and create strong, cohesive neighbourhoods that help people in times of need. 

 Give directly to our Ending Isolation Fund, or to our Community Fund to support our entire network of Agencies (helping people meet basic needs, improve mental health & reduce social isolation).

Social Isolation Fund

Help people meet their basic needs through things like housing, food, employment opportunities, and more!

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Community Fund

Give to our Community Fund so your dollars will be directed to where they are needed most.

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