Basic needs include .

The Issue: Basic Needs

Meeting basic needs starts with ensuring everyone has access to housing, food, and health care. But this is just the start. When we talk about basic needs, we’re also talking about literacy skills, access to local services for when people need support, financial security, and physical safety.

The pandemic has worsened existing challenges for many, especially vulnerable populations including Indigenous people, new immigrants, seniors, persons with disabilities, and victims of domestic violence. Together, we can work towards helping everyone across Waterloo Region meet their basic needs.

Nearly 25% of the adults in our region do not have the digital literacy skill set needed to access remote services.

The Literacy Group of Waterloo Region

Basic Needs

Funded Agencies

Below are the Agencies we have funded (over the last 12 months) who are working every day to help people meet their basic needs across Waterloo Region.

Basic Needs

How you can help

You can help people in this community access basic and essential needs that many of us take for granted. Your gift will be directed to programs and services that help people access food in emergencies, emergency shelter due to homelessness or domestic violence, literacy supports, school readiness programs, and a variety of personal supports.

 Give directly to our Basic Needs Fund, or to our Community Fund to support our entire network of Agencies (helping people meet basic needs, improve mental health & reduce social isolation).

Basic Needs Fund

Help people meet their basic needs through things like housing, food, employment opportunities, and more!

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Community Fund

Give to our Community Fund so your dollars will be directed to where they are needed most.

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