What we do

Our Focus Areas

At United Way WRC, we fund local agencies doing work in our three focus areas. These focus areas have been chosen based on the needs of the people in our community.

You can donate to our Community Fund to support work across all three of these areas, or you can give to one of our Issue-based funds to support a cause closest to your heart.

Basic Needs

Meeting basic needs focuses on helping people access food in emergencies, emergency shelter due to homelessness or domestic violence, literacy supports, school readiness programs, and a variety of personal supports.

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Mental Health

Improving mental health focuses on helping people, young and old, improve coping skills, increase self-esteem and set meaningful goals for the future through programs like therapeutic counselling, harm reduction services, and mentorship activities.

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Social Isolation

Reducing isolation focuses on improving access to community supports and creating strong, cohesive neighbourhoods that help people in times of need through referral services, senior's supports, neighbourhood led activities and more.

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