United Way maintains community funding.

“We care, because you care.”

United Way begins work towards reinvigorating our community.

(Waterloo Region) –February 9, 2018

One year after integrating into a region wide United Way, the CEO is pledging a new era of transparency, accountability and co-operation.

Speaking to more than 30 United Way partner agencies earlier this week, Joan Fisk said:

“Our strength, relies on your strength, and we are committed to helping you provide the services people need to escape from poverty in our region”

United Way Waterloo Region Communities set a goal to raise 7 million dollars this fiscal year.  Fisk says the community has already collected more funds this year than last, with more coming in every day. However there remains a significant gap to bridge in order to meet that goal.

In addition, Board Chair Mike Williams is pleased to announce United Way will maintain the current level of funding to the community.

Six months after taking over as CEO, Fisk says United Way is positioning itself toward the future.

United Way remains the largest funder of social service programs outside of government in Canada.

“That reminds us “says Fisk, “of how critical it is to re-introduce ourselves”

In the next few months, she adds, United Way WRC will be rolling out a new and unique message.

“We have a very ambitious goal “says Fisk.   “We plan to raise 10 million dollars in 2019”

This goal will enhance support for the important programs our partners are currently providing, as well as bolstering programs with targeted funds on specific issues.

“Our government does so much” adds Fisk, “but the capacity at all levels is limited”

Board Member Ingrid Pregel puts it this way “At the end of the day, If not United Way, then who?”