Seeing is Believing

“I have a better understanding how United Way helps support many programs in the community and how our contributions go a long way.”-Seeing is Believing participant, May 2018

United Way Waterloo Region Communities is dedicated to helping people live better lives in every one of the seven communities we serve.

But how does it work? How does a donation to United Way translate through our partners?

In May of 2018,  12 volunteers from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada joined us for a “Seeing is Believing” tour so they could better understand the role United Way Waterloo Region Communities plays in delivering opportunities to thousands of our friends, neighbours and co-workers.

1 in 4 people in Waterloo Region fall in the lowest levels of literacy.


The Literacy Group, which has locations in both Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo is working every day to change that startling statistic.  As Program Manager Lisa McArthur told our Toyota champions, “Literacy is one door which opens to a much wider network of possibilities”

The Literacy Group receives significant funding from Employment Ontario as program participants try to shorten the difference between the skills they have, and the skills they need to improve their job situation and provide for their families.  But United Way Waterloo Region Communities also provides financial support.

Executive Director Chris Prosser says The Literacy Group has a very diverse group of clients with very different individual needs, and the provincial government doesn’t cover everything.  “Through United Way” says Chris, “we are able to be more aware, and responsive to each individual’s situation”

“This was eye-opening for me!”-Seeing is Believing participant, May 2018

1 in 5 adults will go through a mental health challenge in their lifetime.

While the conversation around mental health appears to be changing, there’s still a significant amount of stigma around the issue.  Our Seeing is Believing tour gave Toyota’s champions a chance to hear directly from someone willing to share their experiences.

“Christine’s story was powerful. To have made a 180 degree turn in her life and come out wanting to help others is remarkable. ” -Seeing is Believing participant, May 2018

United Way Waterloo Region Communities is a significant supporter of mental health initiatives. From KW Counselling to the CMHA Waterloo Wellington, your donations help people find the courage to take the first step, and the support to take the next one.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of United Way Waterloo Region Communities, sign up for a Seeing is Believing tour.  You can start that process by contacting us via email