What you don’t know: United Way in November

You’re forgiven if you think of United Way as an organization you might only hear about during a workplace campaign.

Behind the scenes, there’s a lot going on, and not just in our offices.   Out there–in the real world where people are looking for information, and ways they can make a difference.

Last month,  November of 2017, we facilitated 9 Day of Caring events.  During a Day of Caring, you and your team will go to one of our supported agencies, and donate your time, expertise and energy to helping them out.

These projects can last up to seven hours, and can involve a variety of tasks, from painting, to yard work.   And along the way you’ll learn about the valuable work being done right here at home, supported by United Way Waterloo Region Communities.

Those Days of Caring last month added up to 270 volunteer hours with participants from three different workplaces.     Our volunteers provided food sorting and meal prep, painting and packaging to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, Nutrition for Learning, Kinbridge, and Community Support Connections Meals on Wheels.

We also hosted a Seeing is Believing tour with our partners from BMO.  Almost a dozen people visited three agencies —   oneROOF, Carizon, and House of Friendship.  There. they learned about the function of each of those organizations, and how their connection to United Way Waterloo Region Communities is helping to change the power of poverty.    You can learn more about Seeing is Believing opportunities from our website.

Education is a key part of the work we do in the seven communities which make up Waterloo Region.   United Way WRC is one of the partners, along with many other United Way agencies in Canada, in a program called Make the Month.  Here’s a link to some media coverage of this program.

Make the Month invites groups of people to meet with a representative of United Way to go through a poverty simulation–recreating the difficult choices faced by people living below the low-income threshold. (That’s 1 out of 10 people in Waterloo Region)

In November we ran the local version of the Make the Month simulator for four groups, providing an eye opening, and at times heart wrenching experience for almost 100 people.   You can contact our Community Engagement  team if you’re interested in learning more.

While the year is drawing quickly to a close, we are continuing to work with both our agency partners, as well as our supporters to provide more information about the work of United Way.

Thank you for checking us out….  Give where you Live.