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Empowering Donors with choice

Our new Campaign for a Cause gives donors the chance to direct a gift where they want to see an impact. Focused cause-based giving ensures local agencies, programs, and services get the critical funding they need, and allows donors to direct funds to causes that are meaningful to them. It is a targeted campaign that provides the opportunity for donors to give back to the community in a way that aligns directly with their values, goals and interest.

Campaign for a cause

Where would you like to make a local impact?

Taking Action on Housing & Homelessness

Increasing Food Security

Advocating for Mental Health

Providing Essential Life Skills & Supports

Supporting Safety & Well-being

Children & Youth

Driving Innovation

Building Social Connections

Advancing Equity

Strengthening Community Leadership

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What is giving tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an initiative that began in 2012 to encourage people to give back to their communities following American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a day for people to practice their generosity and lend their time, money or other resources to various non-profits and charities. Since 2018, at United Way WRC, Giving Tuesday has been a day to rally our community around local issues.

Giving Tuesday Impact


Country movements around the world


Local community movements across Canada


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