A Community comes together: Change the Power of Poverty

Thanks to the Waterloo Record Community Partnership program, and a generous sponsorship from Manulife, we have been able to post a full page message about
“Changing the Power of Poverty” You can see the full size ad here

Poverty does have a tremendous power over a large number of people in our region.   1 in 10 people here are living in poverty.    Poverty has significant real costs to our system, from health care, counseling and policing issues to the very real danger of limiting the opportunities of individuals, children and families to lead a sustainable life.

Poverty touches so much of what happens in our communities.   And as a community, we will not make a difference unless we are all prepared to commit our resources to the issue.

That’s why United Way is working to raise 7 million dollars over the next year to co-ordinate with our partners and agencies on initiatives designed to reduce that power.    We certainly can’t do it alone.   Along with our Campaign Cabinet, and Board members we have hundreds of volunteers who work every to amplify our message, and work to change the power of poverty.

But we need a concerted effort from everyone to make that happen.  Please donate to United Way, and let’s change the power of poverty.   You can make a difference.