Where’s your happy place?

Wellbeing is a measure of your quality of life.  It includes being able to fully participate in your favourite activities, feeling safe, and having a connection to your community.

Boiled down to a more basic level, your wellbeing is impacted by such things as your supply of quality food and water, public transit, parks and even access to the internet.

Wellbeing Waterloo Region is a community led initiative working across government and non-profit sectors to help guide Waterloo Region toward becoming the best possible place to live, work and age.

United Way Waterloo Region Communities is proud to be part of this collaborative effort, but we need your help.

To help with future planning and to improve wellbeing in our community, it is important to know where help is needed most.

You can take the Wellbeing Waterloo Region survey by following this link.  The survey is voluntary and anonymous but your answers are important in shaping the future

At United Way, we’re asking the question “Are You the One” Here’s a concrete action you can take to make a difference not only in the lives of others, but perhaps for your own wellbeing.

And, by taking part you’ll be eligible to win some fantastic prizes.

We’re hoping to gather a wide range of responses which will form the backbone of our report to be released later this year.