Steve’s Story

The path to poverty can begin anywhere. The road back can be considerably less certain. United Way invests your donations in impact strategies aimed at lifting people to a more sustainable life, changing the power of poverty.


“You did this. You gave me back my dignity. You gave me…me.”- Steve Gosselin

You don’t fix a noise in your car by turning up the radio. That’s a bandage. And while that might work for a cut, treating a life which is broken means dealing with more than just symptoms.

Sexually assaulted as a child, emotionally and physically abused, Steve spent more than 30 years in a haze of alcohol and self-loathing. He lost his family, his children, and his home.

“I may not remember what you said. But I remember how it made me feel.”

Years of harsh words, or worse in some cases, invisibility, ended with Steve’s arrival in 2006, in this community. A “United Way Community” he adds. Counsellors, rehab and shelter volunteers spoke, and more importantly listened. Healing the whole person, addressing the root cause of problems, and giving a person, like Steve, the opportunity to grow and prosper shows anything is possible.

Steve believes anything is possible. So do we. Your donation makes anything possible. “We need help. We need it at different times and places. No one moment helped fix my problem.”