Poverty-What can you do?

This is a growing region but what good is all this growth and advancement if we leave people behind in the process? In Waterloo Region, 1 out of 10 people live in poverty.

Poverty has power over people’s lives.

It causes isolation, food insecurity, poor health (both physical and mental), and ultimately it denies us wellbeing.

The power of poverty affects families, seniors, children and youth, people with disabilities, and individuals.

And the issue of poverty has a lot of myths around it.  The Region of Waterloo has an excellent document dispelling some of those, you can read it right here

Poverty does not discriminate.

Sometimes poverty is circumstantial – a spouse becomes seriously ill and can no longer work, a family falls apart, or you lose your job because of downsizing.

Sometimes it is more systemic – vulnerable youth don’t graduate from high school and lack the tools needed to be successful adults, seniors living at home are isolated.

Your community needs your help to take that power away—to change the power of poverty. To change the lives of families, children, and individuals in your community.

No one person or one organization can change the power of poverty alone. It’s about building up the community so that people of all ages have the building blocks they need to succeed. We need to work together to make this change. None of it can happen without your support.

United Way is looking to raise 7 million dollars for this fight. And we need your help.