Your part in ending homelessness and poverty.

It covers 10 years, and will invest some 40 billion dollars, but the work is just beginning for the National Housing Strategy announced by the Federal government.

United Way Centraide Canada played a lead role in consultations on this strategy, backed up by the dozens of United Way agencies across the country, including United Way Waterloo Region communities.

Is there a more important building block for our lives, than a stable and safe place to live?

You might think the housing issue is embodied in the homeless people many of us have witnessed.

About 250 thousand people in Canada were listed as homeless in 2016, according to Canada Without Poverty.    But an estimated 3 million people are “precariously housed”—in simple terms…living in below standard, unaffordable, or overcrowded conditions.

Much closer to home. Waterloo Region is in many ways, ahead of the curve on the housing issue, but still, demand for affordable housing far exceeds the supply, meaning about three thousand people are on a waiting list.

A lot of money is to be invested by the federal government, the provinces and municipalities, and sometimes the political will to do that can be weakened.  But there is lots of evidence to support the belief stabilizing housing situations will reduce much of the spending being done on social issues.

Over the coming weeks, months, and indeed, years, United Way will be continuing to work  and advocate for the achievement of the goals stated in the National Housing Strategy.

What can you do?     Learn more about the National Housing Strategy, and the impact it could have.  Get involved….there are many groups in our region working on social issues, including United Way Waterloo Region Communities.    And advocate.  Like almost anything, if we want the people in our community to be stronger, and more self reliant, we have to work together.