Mental Health and Poverty

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. The focus this year is on mental health in the workplace

United Way Waterloo Region Communities partners with the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo Wellington as part of the network of support which ensures people have the building blocks necessary to stabilize and improve their lives   As well we work alongside other partners who are on the front lines of providing service including KW Counselling    Carizon and many more.   Given the pervasive nature of mental health issues, its not surprising to learn many of our supported agencies are dealing with this topic on a daily basis.

So, what’s the connection between poverty, and mental health?  This article might answer many of your questions.

The discussion over mental health has changed in the past few years.   There are more efforts to take away the stigma and search for solutions.  An article earlier this year in The Globe and Mail provides some food for thought.

We know there is no single solution for many of society’s ills.  We understand today’s problems are complex and require a co-ordinated, collaborative approach to making a difference.   That’s the unique placement of United Way.   We are working across many different partners, and sitting at a variety of tables in search of advantages and efficiencies which will ultimately help people in need.

This year we are campaigning to raise 7 million dollars to invest in services aimed at taking away the “power of poverty”   With your help, those investments  will play a part in giving people the support they require.

Please help.