Crunch Time for a National Housing Strategy

The Federal Government is expected to release its first National Housing Strategy in the next few weeks.

United Way Centraide Canada has been a strong supporter of the National Housing Collaborative, which is working toward housing affordability as well as increasing housing supply, and the protection of social housing.

United Way is already preparing for the release of the National Housing Strategy, advocating for the creation of a National Housing Benefit, to be used to address the gap between rent—and household budgets.  A United Way policy paper on such a benefit can be read right here

Housing is a key part of the poverty puzzle.   Stable shelter provides a base from which people gain security, and can move on toward tackling other issues.   United Way provides a network support for people who are living in a low income situation—exacerbated by the rising cost of finding somewhere to live.

As we move toward the release of this government strategy, it’s important to understand the issue, and some of the history it has in Canada

As we all know, there is no magic potion to solve the social problems our neighbours, friends and colleagues face.   And we know, by working together we can make progress toward the goal of changing the power of poverty.      Advocating for real steps forward on these issues is an important part of the work United Way does, both locally, and on a nationwide basis.   Across Canada, United Way is involved in more than 5 thousand communities, investing half a billion dollars toward finding those solutions.