10 Reasons to support United Way this season

The period from Mid November through the end of the year is sometimes called “The Giving Season”

A recent survey by Imagine Canada indicates more than 60 per cent of people want to make a donation during this time of year.  

For many of us, giving now can be a powerful lesson for our kids….appreciating how fortunate they are, and sharing that good fortune with someone who perhaps does not have the same advantages.

There are a great many important and compelling causes.  We encourage you to support whichever organization speaks to your heart or is making the difference you want to see .

We would like you to consider United Way Waterloo Region Communities.

  1. Experience: For more than 75 years United Way has been helping the most vulnerable people in our communities.   Beginning with aiding soldier’s families in 1941, to today, where we touch every corner of the region, United Way has the partnerships, vision and expertise to give your donation its greatest impact.
  2. Collaboration:   Your donations work through the best and most passionate of the nonprofit organizations in our region. Listening to each of them, we can support programs and initiatives providing the help people need, when they most need it.
  3. We love where we live: Your donation stays in Waterloo Region funding programs at more than 40 agencies. Approximately 80 per cent of each dollar is distributed to help people right here.
  4. Transparency and Accountability:   We are registered with Canada Revenue Agency as a charitable organization, and subject to all their rules and regulations.   Our financial reports are available online and our office is just a phone call away.
  5. Big. But Focused:   We are the largest funder of social service programs outside of government. Nationally, United Way invests hundreds of  millions of dollars annually. Here at home, we are right in your backyard, funding programs such as Neighbourhood Matching Grants, which provides dollars to local residents trying to make a difference on their own street.
  6. Efficiency:   We work across a broad spectrum, raising funds for our partners, while taking part in discussions on how, and what to deliver in the way of programs. It’s an interconnected web of support providing real value
  7. Advocacy: United Way is a key partner in the recently released National Housing Strategy, and locally, we are part of big issue discussions ranging from Living Wage Waterloo Region, to the Children and Youth Planning Table, the Immigration Partnership, and Wellbeing Waterloo Region.
  8. This is Us:   1 in 10 people in Waterloo Region live in poverty.   They could be your friends, family or co-workers.   You know them. You just don’t know.
  9. We’re not looking for quick fixes: We are working for solutions. That’s why we reach out to government officials, agencies and more. That’s why we research, and apply what we learn to problems right here.
  10. Together, we are possibility:   No one organization can tackle our social issues alone. We know people in vulnerable situations often access multiple sources for help. We call it a “network of support” and that’s what your donations are building.

 Please consider supporting United Way Waterloo Region Communities.

Love where you live.  Give where you live